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PatrikPatrik Jönsson
Patrik had -18D (Wow ) and saw the third row from the top with his best glasses when he came to us
Now he sees 100% with -2.5 glasses. He is very happy and now is able to get a driving license.






Caroline Svensson from Amsterdam
-11D on both eyes and now at the last visit has 1.0 on each eye.

Ie 1 year after treatment.









Lennie Johansson. Now 3 months after Lasek treatment he is very pleased with his ”eyesight”. Prior to laser treatment, Lennie could barely see the top line of the syntax without glasses, with a near-sight of minus 2.5 dioptrics.






Ann Nilsson had only a small visual error with most refraction errors. Now she sees all lines on the syntax. An amazingly good sight, one must say, she is very satisfied.





joakimJoakim Cedergren is very satisfied. Prior to the laser treatment, he saw no line with his minus 5 dioptrics on the syntax without glasses. Today, 3 months after treatment his sight is very good.