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Here are answers to some of the most common questions we receive at Laskerblick. To give you the best answer for just You and Your situation we recommend you to book an appointment for a free consultation. Where we can discuss any questions and concerns you may have.

What refractive errors can be treated
Nearsightedness can always be treated.
Astigmatism (refractive) can also be treated in most cases.
Hyperopia in combination with astigmatism (refractive) can usually be treated but we would have to do a couple of specific measurements of the eye, before giving an absolute answer.
Only hyperopia can be treated in some cases. It depends on how “curved” your eye is. Even here we would have to some measurements to give you an exact answer.
I would like to know if Lasek treatment would work on me, how much is a consultation?
You are always welcome to a Free consultation, with No commitment at Laserblick. During our consultation we will answer all your questions and give you information on how to fix your refractive error. Please give us a call or send us an email to book an appointment! info@lasek.se, +46 70 571 61 26
Can Lasek treatment make you blind?
No, no one has ever gotten blind from Lasek/TransPrk treatment.
Are there any risks with a Lasek/Elsa treatment?
No one has ever gotten blind from a treatment. The eyesight always get better. Infection is the largest risk undergoing laser treatment. This have never happened to any of our patients here at Laserblick or at any other locations Axel Ahrberg has worked, and it’s been over 25000 patients at this point. Since we are only operating on the surface the risk of infection is minimal.
How much does the laser treatment cost?
13000 sek per eye. If you treat both eyes at the same time it’s 21400 sek, for students it’s 19500 sek. Both cases includes consultations, medicin, sunglasses and checkups.
If your case require so-called wavefronts treatment, mitomycin treatment or aspheric treatment these are also included.
Is it possible to fly and dive after treatment?
You can fly immediately after treatment. You should however wait 14 days before diving
How long does the laser treatment take?
The consultation take about 1 hour and when you are getting treated we set aside 1-1,5 hours. If everything is done at the same time, we estimate it to take about 2 hours.
When can I go back to work again?
You should expect to spend 3-4 days at home. After that your vision will gradually come back depending on the level of the refractive errors.
How long should I be without contact lenses before the treatment?
If you have hard lenses you can’t use them within 7 days of treatment, if you are using soft lenses the time is 3 days. The longer you can stay away from using your lenses before the treatment, the better.
How do I prepare for the treatment?
Don’t use your contact lenses for at least 3 days prior to the treatment, 7 days if you have hard lenses. Plan to stay at 3-4 days after the treatment. You might need help at home during the first 24 hours, remember to keep your eyes shut. To listen to audio books or music is a good advise. We also suggest you put some damp pads on a tray in the freezer, to have them ready when you get home. These will be good to put on your eyes if they feel sore. We suggest you put around 10 of them in there.
I am pregnant, can I still treat my eyes?
No, we do not treat you if you are pregnant. You can’t be breast feeding either.
How soon after treatment can I start to run and workout?
If you feel fit to train the day after you can, there is nothing that stops you from doing that. We recommend that you wait 3-4 days because of the sensitivity to the light and the unstable vision.
Does it hurt?
No, during the procedure you won’t feel any pain. However, after the procedure you may experience pain/ discomfort, normally this doesn’t last longer then the first 2 days. The experience after the treatment is individual and varies from person to person. We will give you medicine in form of pills and drops to help relieve and suppress the discomfort.
Can I go through with my treatment even if I have a chronic illness?
In most cases there is no barrier to carry out a laser treatment, but email (info@lasek.se) to consult us and you will receive a quick answer to your question.
Are there certain things I can’t do right after a treatment?
Yes, stay away from swimming in the pool, using the sauna, diving and the tanning bed for at least the first 14 days. Also try to not rub your eyes during the first time after the the treatment. Other then that you can keep living your life as normal.
If I need to get call you during the weekend, is it possible?
Yes, we are on call for you who have had a treatment.
What is included in the treatment?
The price includes, in addition to the laser treatment itself, consultation, medical exam, all medication such as eye drops, pain relief, check-ups and if needed any additional treatments. If your refractive error need so called wavefront treatment, mitomycin treatment or aspheric treatment, that’s included as well.
When can I put on makeup again?
It’s okay to start putting makeup on again after day 5
Will I need reading glasses after a lasik treatment?
The treatment removes the visual error but doesn’t have an impact on the ability to accommodate ( the lenses ability to focus up close). Around the age of 40-50 years old, the lense capability accommodate deteriorate and the need of reading glasses occur.
How come Laserblick is cheaper then other clinics?
We don’t have big luxurious facilities, a huge staff and we don’t spent a lot of money on advertisement, most of our clients/ patients come here via recommendations.