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About us

Laserblick treats your refractive errors with laser and gives you NewEyes.

We are located in Ronneby, Laserblick, and in Stockholm, Sabbatsbergs hospital.

We are treating refractive errors with the Lasek/Elsa method.
(TransPRK, No Touch, No Cut)- which is documented to be the safest treatment to correct nearsightedness, hyperopia and astigmatism.

We offer following treatment based on:

  • Many years of special competence
  • Safe treatment method
  • We are the only clinic in Sweden who uses the same doctor during your consultation, treatment and post treatment check-up.

Competent staff

Eye doctor, Dr Axel Åhrberg is head of operation and have since 1999 performed thousands of laser treatments. Together with Professor Bjorn Tengroth he brought, in 2000, the Lasek/Elsa treatment to Sweden. He has also work as a doctor within the Swedish air force and is still doing aero medical exams.

Eivor Larsson assistant.